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Revisor VMS 1.9.8 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.9.8 is released.

02.09.2019 integration news

A new intermediate version of the software for IP cameras Revisor VMS 1.9.8 was released. In this version, new analytic module appeared, added new features, bugs fixed.

Major changes:

  • New memory management algorithm and a number of optimizations for systems with a large number of cameras.
  • Increased the speed of synchronous playback of the archive with a large number of displayed cameras.
  • Increased the speed of exporting files in a remote connection.
  • Increased smoothness of video playback in real time and in the archive.
  • Tracking module: added a new dynamic scene mode that allows detection in conditions of natural noise (swaying grass, leaves, rain, snow).
  • Added the ability to create lists of automatic scrolling profiles.
  • FR module: added the ability to build Analytics for visitors (counting unique visitors, demography statistics).
  • Added the ability to configure the parameters of face recognition module, license plates recogition module, counting visitors, using records from the archive.
  • LPR module (STD, LT) updated.
  • New module "Inactivity Detector" released. Allows to determine the lack of activity of personnel in the workplace.

Minor changes:

  • Ability to select the option of receiving audio - in a separate stream or in the same stream with video.
  • Added support for playing archive from server via RTSP Protocol.
  • Increased compatibility RTSP.
  • Added "Collapse" in the object trees and the management of user rights.
  • Added the ability to configure the detection mask for the tracking module.
  • Improved algorithm of InteractiveDome module.
  • Manual control for face detection.
  • Added ability to get list of unavailable camera IDs with server API.
  • Improved camera support, added new drivers.
  • Support script option %FR_CardNumber%.
  • Improvemed People Counter module.
  • Ability to manually reset the counter state of the visitor counting module for a given camera.
  • Switch to the PTZ preset from the PTZ control panel itself, not just from the context menu.
  • Removed the tab, set the maximum framerate of the export wizard archive for RSVid.
  • The camera name and timestamp are added to the name of the exported archive/image file.

Bugs fixed:

  • Authorization error on some cameras in the ONVIF driver.
  • Incorrect filtering by flag fields in the listings.
  • Mask motion detection not working.
  • Initialized correctly the time frame when reading from RSVid.
  • Error loading settings "A column ID occurred more than once.."
  • Archive files are incorrectly deleted when the minimum storage time is required.
  • The minimum storage time is not configured if you do not enable the maximum.
  • Incorrect coordinate conversion when moving to an absolute position in the ONVIF driver.
  • Sometimes the playback of the archive hangs for a few seconds when playing after frame-by-frame viewing.