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Revisor VMS 1.9.4 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.9.4 is released.

06.07.2018 main news

A new intermediate version of the software for IP cameras Revisor VMS 1.9.4 was released. In this version, new analytics modules appeared, added new features.

Major changes:

  • A new video analytics module: tracking.
    • Determines line intersection and zone entrance.
    • Displays objects, their paths, and alarm lines/zones.
    • Gnerates alarm events with user-defined parameters.
    • Supports search for alarm events in the archive
  • A new video analytics module: FishEye dewarp.
    • 3 scanning modes: 1x 90 degrees, 2x 180 degrees, 4x 90 degrees.
    • Ability to control rotation angles and zoom via the virtual PTZ interface.
  • Revisor LPR module update for STD and PRO editions.
    • Added support for a number of countries. Now the module can determine the numbers of 29 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Czechia, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Finland, Donetsk People's Republic, Great Britain, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Including special autonomers & mdash; diplomatic, police, military, etc.
    • Increased speed and accuracy of recognition.
    • Increased speed range - The PRO version of the module now supports recognition at speeds up to 270 km / h.
  • Revisor FR (face recognition module) update.
    • Updated module kernel:
      • Significant increase in recognition accuracy.
      • Improved gender and age classification accuracy.
      • Reduced resource consumption.
      • The face tracking algorithm is optimized.
    • Improved module interface:
      • Added ability to view multiple cameras at the same time.
      • Displays a photo of an employee's card when it is recognized.
      • Ability to view the archive with automatic event navigation in real time.
      • Displays photos of faces and group colors in the card list.
      • Optimized positioning on the face in the archive.

Minor changes:

  • The ability to store events in the archive longer than the video (for example, keep the recognized persons a year, and the video archive for 1 month).
  • Record visitor counter data regardless of recording video data
  • Possibility to configure automatic unloading of counter reports in excel / pdf / csv.
  • Improved module configuration interface - the ability to configure modules by dragging and stretching visual elements.
  • Client-server protocol: versioning support (automatic protocol correction for the possibility of connecting legacy versions).
  • Improved video transcoding algorithm for browsing through the Web interface
  • The ability to enable parallel encoding/decoding when transcoding video.
  • Support for new hardware.
  • Bugs fixed.