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Revisor VMS 1.9.2 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.9.2 is released.

07.05.2018 all news

A new intermediate version of the software for IP cameras Revisor VMS 1.9.2 was released.

Major changes:

  • A new algorithm for the people counting module that provides improved detection accuracy.
  • New video analytics module: queue detection.
  • Face detection module: a professional version has been added that provides higher accuracy.
  • Algorithms for pattern recognition are optimized (involving all analytic modules).
  • Increased archive speed.
  • Added ability to export archive into MP4 format (very quick).
  • Added ability to export archive via RSInstall utility.
  • Added ability to export the LPR module data via RSInstall utility.
  • Added post event edit feature for the LPR module.

Minor changes:

  • Added ability to customize the size and position of columns in the LPR, FR, and configurator.
  • Added preloading of face recognition and license plate recognition modules.
  • Motion detection settings have been moved to the Modules tab of the camera properties window.
  • Added XML support in PTZ POST requests processing driver.
  • Added support for new hardware.
  • PTZ control panel: added shortcut menu button.
  • Added support for cameras with a video stream of 60 fps.
  • Bugs fixed.