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Revisor VMS 1.9 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.9 is released.

09.02.2018 main news

A new version of the software for IP cameras Revisor VMS 1.9 has been released. The new version includes new functional features for the increased efficiency, stability, and safety.

Major changes:

  • New file structure of the archive system. Unlike the previous version, the new VMS 1.9 uses parallel recording: during the recording process, the stream from each camera is divided into small fragments, which are evenly distributed across all the system discs. This type of record structure not only increases the record and scanning speed of the archived files stored on the system discs, but also prevents from the risk of complete loss of the archived data. In case of system disc(s) failure, only small amount of archived data would be lost on all the system cameras, however most of the archived data will remain.
  • Implemented the ability to set the time interval for storing records in the archive for each camera individually. Due to this, users can be sure that the required data will be stored for a specified period.
  • A new face detection module Revisor FR, which has high accuracy and speed of recognition. Face detection module is available in 5 editions with different features.

Face Detection - captures faces in the video stream;

Face Recognition - identifies persons within an unlimited database, assessing demographic characteristics, facial or attributes;

Face Analytics - a statistical counter of people with the assessment of demographic characteristics and the possibility of re-identification at short intervals to count unique visitors;

People Search - searches by face or facial features, demographic characteristics;

Face Verification - verifies persons face by face.

New feature of face detection module: includes the option for face recognition evaluation by age and gender. This is an effective tool for demographic analysis of the target market groups.

After several recorded fragments are grouped in a “track”, the Revisor FR version compares it to the program database. This new algorithm allows for the increased accuracy and the speed of recognition.

The facial recognition module supports both Windows x86 and Windows x64, which allows for stable operation of the system with minimal hardware costs;

Revisor FR allows you to create a centralized database which can be linked to multiple servers simultaneously;

Revisor FR allows you to select one of several detection/recognition algorithms, so the user can adjust the speed and accuracy of recognition;

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  • A new visitor counting module allows you to receive and analyze data on the number and direction of visitors in the controlled zones for a certain period of time; to build on the data obtained reports in the form of tables and histograms based on the data obtained. It is possible to combine control zones into a system to build summary reports. Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel, with the ability to automatically position and adapt the reporting data in tabular and graphical modes.

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  • Implemented the function "Screen Capture", working in the service mode. Starting a screen capture in service mode rather than from a client application virtually eliminates the possibility for an ordinary user to disable it independently, by passing the administrator. When the server starts, the screen capture will turn on automatically;
  • Updated version of the kernel of the license plate recognition engine Revisor LPR edition LT. The new kernel allows to reduce false detections by 8 times, increase the speed of recognition, and reduce the system load;
  • The new version optimizes the main algorithms, which allows to significantly increase the performance and stability, improve the display quality and reduce the load of the equipment in large systems (from 300 cameras);
  • Implemented the ability to broadcast RTSP (H. 264 codec), which allows you to give the video stream to a third-party SOFTWARE, DVR, etc.;
  • In the new version, the transition to a new subsystem .NET Framework 4.5 provides a more stable program at lower hardware requirements;
  • Added new device drivers;
  • Fixed bugs.

Pay attention! Version 1.9 has discontinued support for legacy OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, WindowsServer 2003.