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Revisor VMS 1.8.5 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.8.5 is released.

01.09.2016 main news

The new intermediate version 1.8.5 of the Revisor VMS software for IP cameras has been released. This version provides new analytic modules, increased productivity, corrected and improved features.

Main changes:

  • New analytics: license plate recognition (LPR), fire detector, abandoned object detector, face detector.
  • Improved previously released modules: sabotage detection, smoke detection.
  • Increased archive performance.
  • Added HTTPS support.
  • Added new event and action support for scripts.
  • Added ability to temporarily disable frame skipping when recording.
  • Changed default record profiles.
  • Improved server Web interface (automatic stream selection, automatic resolution selection when transcoding).
  • Added SSL support for mail notifications.
  • Improved smoothness of audio playing.
  • Added audio and external application processing for events on the client side.
  • Implemented service control over the Revisor VMS Server application.
  • Added new ip camera support.
  • Bugs fixed.