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Revisor VMS 1.8.0 is released.

Revisor VMS 1.8.0 is released.

12.04.2016 main news

A new major version of the Revisor VMS video surveillance software is released. The version is characterized by increased performance, convenience and a whole number of new features.

Main changes:

  • improved interface of the Revisor VMS Client application;
  • added general cell settings with the ability of customization;
  • added quick archive view support in the surveillance mode;
  • extended functionality of the additional windows;
  • improved and updated object search;
  • added new archive search mode - event and alarm search;
  • added alarm and notification generation ability and Guard mode;
  • implemented automatic stream selection for surveillance mode;
  • added sabotage and smoke detectors (Revisor VMS Professional only);
  • optimized archive playing;
  • added ability to enable motion detector regardless of the recording type;
  • improved audio playback;
  • optimized recording;
  • added ability to bing an external audio source to the camera;
  • improved hardware binding mechanism;
  • added support for cameras with higher FPS;
  • added support for new ip hardware;
  • bugs fixed;