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The Revisor VMS video management software

Extension modules

You can connect additional modules to the system to expand its functionality. Some modules are included in the product by default (depending on its edition), some sold separately. Please note that the analytic modules are supported only by the Revisor VMS Professional Edition.

Module list

Face recognition module

Intelligent face recognition and search module.

The module is designed for automatic faces identification in video stream. Optimal face images (reference images) are automatically selected from the video stream. Such images are saved in the database for further identification. High accuracy of recognition is provided by the use of innovative technology of indexing by biometric parameters of the face.

The face recognition module is available in 5 versions:

Revisor FR: Face detection. Capturing faces in a video stream.

Revisor FR: Face recognition. Identification with an unlimited basis. Includes face detection, demographic estimation (gender, age, race), search by face or attributes.

Revisor FR: Face analytics. People counting with demographics estimation (gender, age, race). Includes face detection. Re-identification can be used for short periods of time to count unique visitors.

Revisor FR: Face search. Search by face image, face attributes or demographics. Includes face detection.

Revisor FR: Face verification. Face verification (1 to 1 comparison). Includes face detection.


    • detection of persons in the control zone;
    • saving information about face detection to the archive, displaying information in real time;
    • search the archive for detected faces by a set of features, upload the recognition history in CSV format;
    • maintaining person database;
    • grouping cards to create black or white lists and automate reactions by use of configurable scenarios.

Compatibility: Revisor VMS Professional.
Price Revisor FR: Face detection - 120 USD.
Price Revisor FR: Face recognition - 1200 USD.
Price Revisor FR: Face analytics - 500 USD.
Price Revisor FR: Face search - 500 USD.
Price Revisor FR: Face verification - 500 USD.
Licensing is carried out through a hardware security key. Please contact our sales department.