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The Revisor VMS video management software

About the product

Revisor VMS - is a professional software for the organization of video surveillance systems. Initially, the focus of the program to work with the IP camera will allow to optimize the algorithms, avoiding outdated software design patterns for video surveillance. This Revisor VMS not only offers high-speed video processing, but is characterized by a comfortable interface and functional solutions.

Revisor VMS software is built with "client-server" architecture. The server allows you to connect a set of IP cameras to the system, process data, store it into the archive and distribute to the clients. The Revisor VMS Client - is an application that is placed on the end user's computer and allows to perform server configuration as well as view video from cameras in real-time or recorded in the archive. The client and server sides are both included in a single installation package and can be installed on a single computer or using the one-server-with-multiple-clients pattern.


Revisor VMS benefits

Intelligent search

allows you to search for records in the video archive on the basis of user defined attributes (date, time, position in the frame, size, visual similarity to a given image).

Network device search

the server can automatically detect almost any IP cameras, even those that do not have drivers in the program. Two search modes allow you to find not only the equipment that supports auto-discovery (UPnP protocols, Bonjour, ONVIF discovery), but also perform network scanning and locate the rest of the devices.

Model autodetection

picks up a driver for your IP camera automatically, thus minimizing the need for manual input.


allows you to perform recording with one parameters (format/resolution/quality), and analysis or real-time view with another. For example, store data in H.264 format to reduce space, but display video on the client monitor using the MJPEG format to reduce the CPU load.

Client-server model

allows you to connect an unlimited number of clients to the server. You configure all your servers from a remote location (or even multiple locations at the same time) without the need to restart the software - all changes will be applied to all connected clients immediately.

Group editing

allows you to quickly apply the settings to selected objects with no need of individual configuration.

Revisor VMS editions

Software Revisor VMS is presented in two editions - Standard and Professional. Standard is perfect for the creation of small and medium-sized video surveillance systems (up to 30 cameras). Revisor VMS Professional allows you to create professional, scalable and flexible systems with an unlimited total number of cameras.

EditionRevisor VMS StandardRevisor VMS Professional
Key parameters    
Price for one camera connection 25 USD 35 USD
Number of cameras on a single server up to 30 unlimited
Number of servers in the system 1 unlimited
Number of cameras in the system up to 30 unlimited
Functional parameters    
External modules unsupported supported
Alarm monitor unsupported supported
Interactive maps unsupported supported
Camera storage time configuration unsupported supported
Manual script execution (actions) unsupported supported

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