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Supported cameras and vendors

Revisor VMS supports more than 250 vendors and more than 3500 camera models. Universal ONVIF, PSIA, HTTP/RTSP drivers allow you to connect cameras that are missing in the support list. Also you can request us to add camera driver via the email.

Note: position "(Generic)" is a driver that supports most of the cameras of the given vendor.

Supported vendors

  • Velleman
  • (Generic)
  • Veo
  • (Generic)
  • Verint
  • V3320FD-DN
  • Vesta
  • VC-5xxx, VC-6xxx, VC-8xxx
  • Videolarm
  • FD7CN-3, PDW7CN-9, RH7CN-3, RM7CN-3, SM7CN-3
  • ViDigi
  • IP-4830, S-2101, S-2103f, S-3001, S-xxxx
  • Vidstar
  • VSx-xxxx
  • Vilar
  • VS-IPC1002
  • VisionDigi
  • VC275XXX
  • Visionite
  • NCV500DC-IR, VCN-V500DC-IR
  • Vitek
  • VTC-C770DNIP2
  • Vivotek
  • FD6111V, FD6112V, FD6121V, FD6122V, FD7130, FD7131, FD7132, FD7134, FD7141, FD7142, FD7151, FD7160, FD8134, IP2111, IP2112, IP2121, IP2122, IP3112, IP3122, IP3132, IP5112, IP5114, IP6112, IP6114, IP6117, IP6122, IP6124, IP6127, IP7130, IP7131, IP7132, IP7133, IP7135, IP7137, IP7138, IP7139, IP7142, IP7151, IP7152, IP7154, IP7160, IP7161, IP7251, IP7330, IP7361, IP8161, IP8330, IZ7151, PT3112, PT3117, PT3122, PT3127, PT7135, PT7137, PZ6112, PZ6114, PZ6122, PZ6124, PZ7111, PZ7112, PZ7121, PZ7122, PZ7131, PZ7151, PZ7152, PZ71X1, SD6112V, SD6122V, SD7151, SD7313, VS2101, VS2401, VS2402, VS2403, VS3102, VS7100, VS8102
  • Vstarkam
  • C7833WIP