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Supported cameras and vendors

Revisor VMS supports more than 250 vendors and more than 3500 camera models. Universal ONVIF, PSIA, HTTP/RTSP drivers allow you to connect cameras that are missing in the support list. Also you can request us to add camera driver via the email.

Note: position "(Generic)" is a driver that supports most of the cameras of the given vendor.

Supported vendors

  • RedLine
  • (Generic), RL-IP12P,, RL-IP12P-S.alert,, RL-IP12P-S.pir, RL-IP14P,,, RL-IP22P-S.pir, RL-IP24P, RL-IP25P-S, RL-IP32P-S, RL-IP34P-S, RL-IP42P-S, RL-IP52P-V,, RL-IP54P-VM, RL-IP55P-V, RL-IP62P-V,, RL-IP65P-V-S, RL-IP75P-SW, RL-IP75P-W, RL-IP79P-HW-S, RL-MHD16p, RL-MHD16p2, RL-MHD16x2, RL-MHD4p, RL-MHD4x, RL-MHD4z, RL-MHD4z2, RL-MHD8p, RL-MHD8p2, RL-MHD8x, RL-MHD8x2, RL-MHD8z2, RL-NVR16C-4H, RL-NVR32C-4H, RL-NVR32C-4H (alt.), RL-NVR32C-8H
  • RedLinePRO
  • (Generic)
  • Revisor
  • Video Management System
  • Richonor
  • FD-CMOS01, FD-HY01, FD-PT01, FD-WH01, FD-WL01, FD-YT01
  • Rimax
  • 7100, 7200
  • RVI
  • (Generic), RVi-IPC11W, RVi-IPC12, RVi-IPC12W, RVi-IPC20DN, RVi-IPC21, RVi-IPC21DN, RVi-IPC21DNL, RVi-IPC21WDN, RVi-IPC22DN, RVi-IPC23DN, RVi-IPC23-PRO, RVi-IPC23WDN, RVi-IPC31DNL, RVi-IPC32, RVi-IPC32DNL, RVi-IPC32DNS, RVi-IPC32M, RVi-IPC32MS, RVi-IPC32S, RVi-IPC33, RVi-IPC33M, Rvi-IPC33V, RVi-IPC33WDN, RVi-IPC41, RVi-IPC41DNL, RVi-IPC41DNS, RVi-IPC42, RVi-IPC42DN, RVi-IPC42DNS, RVi-IPC42S, RVi-IPC42Z12, RVi-IPC43, RVi-IPC43DNS, RVi-IPC43M3, RVi-IPC43-PRO, RVi-IPC52DN20, RVi-IPC52Z12, RVi-IPC52Z30-PRO, RVi-IPC53M, RVi-IPC62DN30, RVi-IPC62Z12, RVi-IPC62Z30, RVi-IPC62Z30-PRO, RVi-R16LA