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Supported cameras and vendors

Revisor VMS supports more than 250 vendors and more than 3500 camera models. Universal ONVIF, PSIA, HTTP/RTSP drivers allow you to connect cameras that are missing in the support list. Also you can request us to add camera driver via the email.

Note: position "(Generic)" is a driver that supports most of the cameras of the given vendor.

Supported vendors

  • Panasonic
  • BB-HCE481, BB-HCE481A, BB-HCE580, BB-HCE581, BB-HCM371, BB-HCM371A, BB-HCM511, BB-HCM511A, BB-HCM511CE, BB-HCM515, BB-HCM515A, BB-HCM515CE, BB-HCM527, BB-HCM527A, BB-HCM531, BB-HCM531A, BB-HCM531CE, BB-HCM580, BB-HCM580A, BB-HCM581, BB-HCM581A, BB-HCM581A-W, BL-C1, BL-C10, BL-C10A, BL-C111, BL-C111A, BL-C111CE, BL-C131, BL-C131A, BL-C131CE, BL-C1A, BL-C1C, BL-C20C, BL-C210A, BL-C30, BL-C30A, WJ-NT304, WJ-NT314, WV-NF284, WV-NF302, WV-NP1000, WV-NP1000/G, WV-NP1004E, WV-NP240, WV-NP240/G, WV-NP244, WV-NP244E, WV-NP304E, WV-NP472E, WV-NS202, WV-NS202A, WV-NS324, WV-NS950/G, WV-NS954E, WV-NW484S, WV-NW502S, WV-NW964, WV-SC385, WV-SF332, WV-SF335, WV-SF336, WV-SF342, WV-SF346, WV-SP102, WV-SP105, WV-SP302, WV-SP305, WV-SP306, WV-SW395
  • Partizan
  • IPC-1SP, IPD-1SP, IPD-2SP, IPD-5SP, IPD-VF1MP, IPD-VF2MP, IPD-VF5MP, IPF-1SP, IPF-3SP, IPF-5SP, IPO-1SP, IPO-2SP, IPO-5SP, IPO-VF1MP, IPO-VF2LP, IPO-VF2MP, IPO-VF2RP, IPO-VF5MP, IPS-118X, IPS-212X, IPS-220X, NVD-411, NVH-1622, NVH-2422, NVH-822, NVH-852, NVM-421, NVM-821, NVT-2424, NVT-2454
  • Pelco
  • IP 110
  • Pensee
  • P6-HM6012R, P6-HM6013R, P6-HM6020R, P6-HM6121R, P6-HM6134R, P6-HM6202R, P6-HM6205R, P6-HM6229R, P6-HM6301R, P6-HM6306R, P6-HM6309R
  • PheeNet
  • 210IR, 310PT
  • Pinetron
  • PDR-XM3xxx
  • Pixord
  • 100, 120, 200, 205, 240, 241, P-261, P-262, P-263, P-405, P-405M, P-410, P-411, P-412, P-415M, P-416, Video Server 1000, Video Server 2000, Video Server 4000
  • Planet
  • ICA-100, ICA-106, ICA-107, ICA-108, ICA-110, ICA-120, ICA-150, ICA-151, ICA-210, ICA-230, ICA-300, ICA-302, ICA-302S, ICA-310, ICA-312, ICA-350, ICA-500, ICA-501, ICA-510, ICA-525, ICA-530, ICA-550, ICA-600, ICA-601, ICA-651, ICA-700, ICA-750, ICA-H160, ICA-H610, ICA-H612, ICA-H651, ICA-H652, ICA-HM100, ICA-HM101, ICA-HM120, ICA-HM125, ICA-HM126, ICA-HM127, ICA-HM130, ICA-HM131, ICA-HM132, ICA-HM135, ICA-HM136, ICA-HM220W, ICA-HM227W, ICA-HM230, ICA-HM312, ICA-HM316, ICA-HM317, ICA-HM350, ICA-HM351, ICA-HM620, ICA-HM710, ICA-HM718, ICA-HM830, ICA-HM835, ICA-M220, ICA-M230, IVS-100, IVS-110, IVS-H120, Video Server
  • Plustek
  • IP Camera, P1100
  • Prime
  • IM-V22
  • Pro-Q
  • IP Camera
  • ProVideo
  • (Generic)
  • ProVS
  • (Generic), ISS-2422, IVSA-2317Z