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Supported cameras and vendors

Revisor VMS supports more than 250 vendors and more than 3500 camera models. Universal ONVIF, PSIA, HTTP/RTSP drivers allow you to connect cameras that are missing in the support list. Also you can request us to add camera driver via the email.

Note: position "(Generic)" is a driver that supports most of the cameras of the given vendor.

Supported vendors

  • D-Link
  • DCS-1000, DCS-104, DCS-1100, DCS-1110, DCS-1130, DCS-2000, DCS-2100, DCS-2102, DCS-2103, DCS-2120, DCS-2121, DCS-2130, DCS-2130 [vHA], DCS-2132L, DCS-2136L, DCS-2210, DCS-2230, DCS-2310L, DCS-2332L, DCS-301, DCS-3010, DCS-3110, DCS-3112, DCS-3220, DCS-3220G, DCS-3410, DCS-3411, DCS-3415, DCS-3420, DCS-3430, DCS-3710, DCS-3716, DCS-5020L, DCS-5211L, DCS-5220, DCS-5222L, DCS-5230, DCS-5300, DCS-5520, DCS-5605, DCS-5610, DCS-5635, DCS-6010L, DCS-6110, DCS-6111, DCS-6112, DCS-6112V, DCS-6113, DCS-6113V, DCS-6210, DCS-6314, DCS-6410, DCS-6505, DCS-6513, DCS-6616, DCS-6620, DCS-6915, DCS-7010L, DCS-7110, DCS-7410, DCS-7413, DCS-7510, DCS-7513, DCS-900, DCS-910, DCS-920, DCS-930L, DCS-931L, DCS-932L, DCS-933L, DCS-942L, DCS-950, DCS-950G, DVS-104, DVS-301
  • Dahua
  • Dallmeier
  • DDF3000IPV-DN, DDF4010HDV, DDF4500HDV, DDF4900HDV, DDF4910HDV-DN, DDZ30IM-IP, DDZ-4010, DDZ4010-HD, DDZ4020-HD, DF3000IP-DN, DF4900HD-DN, DF4900HD-DN/IR, DF4910HD-DN, MicroStreamer
  • Davicom
  • IPCam 1001
  • Digi-Lan
  • TV7204, TV7217
  • Digicom
  • W100
  • Digimerge
  • DNV14TL2
  • Digital ID View
  • (Generic)
  • Digitus
  • DN-16021, DN-16022, DN-16023, DN-16030, DN-16031, DN-16032, DN-16041, DN-16042, DN-16055, DN-16065
  • Divisat
  • (Generic), DVI-D111, DVI-D211 (DVI-D213), DVI-D221 (DVI-D223), DVI-D221A-SL, DVI-D221F, DVI-D321VW-SD, DVI-F121, DVI-S111 (DVI-S113), DVI-S121 (DVI-S123V), DVI-S121W-SD, DVI-S321V (DVI-S123), DVN-2725, DVN-6725, DVN-9725, DVR-4725N, DVR-8725N
  • DVTel-IOimage
  • cammmp100dn, camscldn, camwdc100dn, camxptz100dn
  • DynaColor
  • (Generic)