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CCTV system configuration calculator

If you need to choose a server to build video surveillance systems based on Revisor VMS software and you doubt its parameters, use this calculator for a rough estimate.

The "Bandwidth" parameter applies to the server data receive only. The actual bandwidth requirements depend on the amount of client computers and number of cameras being displayed. For example, if you want a single client to view the video from all cameras simultaneously without lowering the frame rate, this value should be doubled.

The "Server, HS" motion detector is a high speed motion detector with frame skipping. This detector is less accurate but is also less hardware consuming than the common one. By using the "Server" detector you will require more CPU resources with higher detection accuracy. The "Camera" detector means usage of the camera built-in motion detection algorithm which allows you to transfer processing load from your computer to the camera chip.

It is recommended to configure the reception of the two streams from each camera - it will allow to analyze the second stream, thereby reducing the load on the server processor. Also, the second stream is automatically displayed on the client machines in those situations when it will allow to reduce the load without loss of display quality.

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