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Supported cameras and vendors

Revisor VMS supports more than 250 vendors and more than 3500 camera models. Universal ONVIF, PSIA, HTTP/RTSP drivers allow you to connect cameras that are missing in the support list. Also you can request us to add camera driver via the email.

Note: position "(Generic)" is a driver that supports most of the cameras of the given vendor.

Supported vendors

  • SAE
  • DR-E688HDE
  • Samsung
  • SNB-1000, SNB-2000, SNB-3000, SNC-1300, SNC-570, SNC-B2315, SNC-B5395, SNC-C6225, SNC-C7225, SNC-C7478, SNC-M300, SND-1010, SND-3080/F, SND-460V, SND-5010, SND-5080/F, SND-560, SNP-3120, SNP-3120V, SNP-3301, SNP-3370, SNS-100, SNS-110, SNV-3080, SNV-3120, SNV-5080
  • Sanan
  • SA-1318, SA-1318CD, SA-1318CD-W, SA-1318CM, SA-1318CM-W, SA-1322CD, SA-1322CD-W, SA-1322CM, SA-1322CM-W, SA-1330, SA-1330CM, SA-1330CM-W, SA-1334CD, SA-1336CM, SA-1343-1, SA-1343-1A, SA-1343-1B, SA-1345-1, SA-1345-1A, SA-1346
  • Santec
  • Sanyo
  • VCC-HD2100, VCC-HD2500, VCC-HD3500, VCC-HD4000, VCC-HD4600P, VCC-XZN600P, VDC-XXX
  • Sateko
  • ST-CI-4002-xxx, ST-CI-4003-xxx
  • Satvision
  • SVI-xxxx
  • (Generic)
  • Seecom
  • SNC-xxxx, SNP-xxxx
  • Sentry
  • FS-IP1000, FS-IP1000-OH, FS-IP3000, FS-IP3000-DN, FS-IP3000-DN-FM, FS-IP3000-DN-XT, FS-IP3000-FM, FS-IP3000-XT, FS-IP5000, FS-IP5000-DN, FS-IP5000-DN-FM, FS-IP5000-DN-XT, FS-IP5000-FM, FS-IP5000-XT, IS-DM120, IS-DM120-DN, IS-DM160-OH, IS-IP060, IS-IP100, IS-IP100-DN, IS-IP120, IS-IP120-DN-WDR, IS-IP190, IS-IP300, IS-IP300-DN, IS-IP500, IS-IP500-DN
  • Sercom
  • QTY6, RC8221
  • Sertek
  • 10301, 35121, 50123, 90123, 90124, 90125, 90126
  • Seyeon Tech - FlexWATCH
  • FW1170, FW1173, FW1174, FW1175, FW1176, FW1177, FW1178
  • Sharx
  • SCNC2606, SCNC2607, SCNC3605, SCNC3606, SCNC3707
  • Shenzhen
  • (Generic)
  • Siemens
  • CCMS1315-LP, CCMS-2025, CCMx1315
  • Sigrand
  • IPcam-1,2/DM368/MT9M034(D,E), IPcam-3,1/DM368/AR0331/E
  • Siqura
  • BC20, BC22, BC24, BC62, BC620, BC64, FD20, FD22, FD24, FD27, FD28, FD62, FD64, FD67, FD68, FD820, HD60, HD62, HD66, HD66WDR, HSD620, HSD620PRH, HSD621PRH, HSD622, HSD626, HSD628EXP, HSD820H1-EP, HSD820H1-IM, MD20, MD60, MD62, MSD620, MSD622
  • Sitecom
  • LN-400, LN-401, LN-406
  • Smartec
  • STC-IPM3095A, STC-IPM3096, STC-IPM3595A
  • SNR
  • CI-DBxx, CI-DDxx, CI-DPxx, CI-DSxx
  • SOHO
  • (Generic)
  • Solwise
  • Sony
  • CNC-C11, CNC-C3, SCN-P5, SNC-C10, SNC-C50, SNC-CH140, SNC-CH180, SNC-CH240, SNC-CM120, SNC-CS20, SNC-CS3N, SNC-CS3P, SNC-CS50N, SNC-DF40, SNC-DF50N, SNC-DF80N, SNC-DF85N, SNC-DH140, SNC-DH180, SNC-DM110, SNC-DM160, SNC-DS10, SNC-DS60, SNC-ER580, SNC-M1, SNC-M1W, SNC-M3, SNC-M3W, SNC-P1, SNC-RH124, SNC-RH164, SNC-RS44, SNC-RS46, SNC-RS84, SNC-RX530, SNC-RX550, SNC-RX570, SNC-RZ25N, SNC-RZ30N, SNC-RZ30P, SNC-RZ50N, SNC-Z20N, SNC-Z20P, SNT-V304, SNT-V501, SNT-V504, SNT-V704
  • Space Technology
  • ST-100 IP Light, ST-101 IP Light, ST-105 IP Light, ST-105 IP M, ST-110 IP, ST-111 IP, ST-120 IP Light, ST-120 IP M, ST-170 IP, ST-171 IP, ST-172 IP, ST-173 IP, ST-177 IP, ST-180 IP, ST-181 IP, ST-181 IP M, ST-182 IP, ST-182 IP ?, ST-183 IP, ST-200 IP, ST-400 IP, ST-900 IP, ST-901 IP, ST-XXX IP HOME, ST-XXX IP PRO
  • SparkLAN
  • CAS-370, CAS-633, CAS-673, CAS-700, CAS-771, CAS-861
  • Speco
  • SpezVision
  • SVIP-x0xx, SVIP-x4xx, SVI-x1xx, SVI-x2xx, SVI-x3xx, SVI-XXX
  • SQ IP Cam
  • GP-280
  • StarDot
  • Express 6, NetCam XL xxx, SCxxx, SD130xxx, SD300xxx, SD500xxx
  • SunEyes
  • SP-Q702
  • Super Circuits
  • BLK-IPD101, BLK-IPD102, BLK-IPS101, BLK-IPS102M, NC11
  • Surveon
  • CAM-1301
  • SVN
  • (Generic)
  • Swann
  • IP-3G ConnectCam 1000, IP-3G ConnectCam 3000, SW111-UIP, SW111-WIP, SW111-XIP
  • Sweex
  • (Generic)